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Welcome to my visual world. I paint pictures to create conversation. Conversation with-in myself, conversation between you and place and conversation between my soul and yours. Enjoy, share and be at peace.

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Welcome to My Art World

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10.adrew simenio(non-registered)
good article and also beautiful to look at the page.
This was the inspiration as well as I can make it as the best motivation for everyone.
8.Bob McQueeney, Narragansett, RI(non-registered)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and family and all of the great staff at your great restaurants. I always enjoy the food, and the service is always great. I till need to get to one of your art events because I love the art as I've said before.
7.Robert A."Bob" McQueeney(non-registered)
Any chance of holding casual cocktails & discussions at your T's Restaurants once in awhile, maybe after closing hours (of restaurant)? I am a regular patron of the Narr. restaurant and occasionally the E.G. restaurant and love the food, service staffs, and ambiance, especially the art. Just received the email re: Oct. 14th get together in Prov. that I would love to attend but the location and hours are very inconvenient? Love your artwork, I find them calm and peaceful but full of beautiful colors that bring my mind to many of the locations in a positive and uplifting way and feeling. Thank you, Bob McQueeney
5.harga tas wanita(non-registered)
It’s really very nice and useful post.Thanks for sharing this with us!it’s my first visit.