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Welcome to my visual world. I paint pictures to create conversation. Conversation with-in myself, conversation between you and place and conversation between my soul and yours. Enjoy, share and be at peace.

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Welcome to My Art World

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8.Bob McQueeney, Narragansett, RI(non-registered)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and family and all of the great staff at your great restaurants. I always enjoy the food, and the service is always great. I till need to get to one of your art events because I love the art as I've said before.
7.Robert A."Bob" McQueeney(non-registered)
Any chance of holding casual cocktails & discussions at your T's Restaurants once in awhile, maybe after closing hours (of restaurant)? I am a regular patron of the Narr. restaurant and occasionally the E.G. restaurant and love the food, service staffs, and ambiance, especially the art. Just received the email re: Oct. 14th get together in Prov. that I would love to attend but the location and hours are very inconvenient? Love your artwork, I find them calm and peaceful but full of beautiful colors that bring my mind to many of the locations in a positive and uplifting way and feeling. Thank you, Bob McQueeney
5.harga tas wanita(non-registered)
It’s really very nice and useful post.Thanks for sharing this with us!it’s my first visit.
Wow.. This is just amazing. I wonder how people paint these like this which is so realistic. The mixing and the shading of the colors are so important in this one and the spread of the colors are to be even.
3.joanna Mazzotta(non-registered)
Your work is beautiful and it seems the wrong word to use. I don't believe it is "work." It's a place you go when the brush is in your hand. Enjoy the God winks. You make painting fun.