Say, "I Love You"

November 23, 2014  •  4 Comments

Say “I Love You”

I remember the first time that I told Tina “I love you.”  I remember still today 32 years later that look of, Ant, it’s too soon, the Oh no, I’m not sure I love you “Yet” look on her face.  I was about 27 years old and our relationship was just weeks old.  And there I was telling this woman that I did love that I loved her.  We continued to dissect the word love and the varied meanings of it.  We compromised that the love I was talking about was a love that wasn’t the committing, I’ll marry you and live happily ever after kind of love.  We resolved that the love that I was speaking about was a foundation of sorts, a lower degree of love that is less committing.  I am chuckling as I write this because we’ve been married now for 32 years and am still in love.

Yesterday, I was shopping in Whole Foods, don’t you just love Whole Foods, well at least until you have to pay for it.  Anyway as I rounded the isle, there she was longtime friend, Denise.  A soul full, share the journey friend that I haven’t seen for the longest time.  What a rush of joy and compassion.  We talked and caught up, leading our conversation to our spiritual paths.  Our souls touched. 

As I hugged her “Goodbye”, I whispered in her ear, “I Love You”.  She returned the gesture of closeness with, “I love you too.”  We parted.  I stood there, in awe of that moment, in awe of soul touching soul.  In awe of that honesty we share. 

So, this morning as I sat by my second floor window, overlooking our beautiful bay, my mind wandered, and reflected, as it does on these cold, late fall Sunday mornings.  I thought about this “Love” thing and how little we share those words and feelings with those we love. 

This Thanksgiving, as we gather with family, friend, and significant other, let your inhibitions dissolve, and share with them your love and appreciation for what they have brought into your world.  Go ahead I dare you………Tell them you love them, it feels sooooo good!

TaTa .....for now……………


Ron Corbett(non-registered)
Hi Everyone,

Anthony's first expression of "I love you." was to a woman he only knew for two weeks. I'll translated what he really said and perhaps Tina heard: "I want your sex but I don't your child." We all yearn to hear: "You are my best friend and I want to have sex with you." which still isn't enough. Trusted friends can say: "I want your baby-maker as my one and only and I promise my baby-maker to you exclusively. Will you marry me?" Anything less is have FUN at the other's expense.

True friendship is best expressed by "I love you." when sexual attraction is never expressed or acted upon. Then everyone (male or female) is your potential "best new friend". Now Trust is another issue all together!
MusicOfMyHeart (Diane)(non-registered)
Love is the most important thing you can have in this world. Doesn't matter how poor or how rich you are, if you don't have Love in your life, you life is empty. It can be the love of a spouse/partner, the love of a child, parent, friend. I would say it is the most important thing to me. I always try to show it and make sure the people that I know....know how much they mean to me. I always make sure its the last thing that I say before I hang up the phone, say goodbye to leave. I want those words to be the last thing that they hear, in case there is a chance that it is the last just never know.
Marguerite Ofria Pile(non-registered)
So nice to read you talking about Tina and love. Glad you have the love of your life.... You beat Wells and I by 10 more years. Feel like one of the walking blessed to have found my best friend and soul mate.
joanna Mazzotta(non-registered)
"Love is all there is, and that is all we know of love." So says Emily Dickinson. When I first saw that quote, It explained love to me. I share it generously every day of my life. It's a feel good kinda thing. :)
Nice post Anthony.
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