Timeless, Awestruck and Grateful

December 27, 2014  •  3 Comments



Two days after Christmas and so much to talk about, where do I begin?  Let’s begin by trying to make sense of this blogging thing.  What to say, how many times a month?  Do I talk about art and my journey, do I share techniques, do I ponder, write and ramble letting the spirit take me? 

These past couple of mornings my body is re-cooperating from a really bad head cold, still coughing as I write.  This is one of nature’s occurrences that really slow me down.  So, I read a bit, reflect a bit, and soak in the flavor of the day thoughts.  I try between sneezing, to be aware, to be at one with life and my relationships. 

I try not to scurry in my mind all that is in front of me and worse, get stuck in my days past.  As an artist, and observer of life, I am in the constant state of looking.  Looking and seeing.  Looking and seeing WHAT!  I am not so sure, all of the time, but I do allow myself the mystery of observation. 

This morning, as this glorious sun rose over my home, I sat and soaked in all of God’s glory.  I thought of this ART journey of mine, which is really life’s journey. This sharing life, one cup at a time, we like to say at T’s.  How fortunate to be in this world of conversation, investigation and surprise.  What a wonderful thing it is to share my joy with my students, with guests at T’s, with those special friends and relationships.

Last week, in NYC, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I stood in front of paintings, sculpture, pottery, glass, and …….centuries of life.  Civilizations, putting on canvas, in rock and marble, poured glass, stitched fibers, their thoughts and feelings.  They were searching, observing, and sharing 6000 years ago likewise 6 years ago in a language we can still understand today.  I stood there alone, gasping at the conversation I was having with Winslow Homer about the power of his brushwork, with Thomas Eakins about his blue and why he left the painting in the state it was in.  I wondered how Tiffany did what he did with glass.  The Egyptians, although I was on my way elsewhere in the museum, startled me, once again.


The sensitivity, the human touch, the conversation……..continues in spite of language, religion and time.  Sometimes we in this era think we have it all together.  We have the answers.  Yes, we have more technology, we have the internet; we, have it all, right?  My take on this is that the Soul, our Souls, the Souls of the 3000bc men and women, are the same as our souls today.  Sure technology has changed, we can put men in space and we certainly live longer.  Yes, tech is farther ahead, but our souls are the same.  Human soul and feelings have not changed in all of time.  The common denominator of life and time is, The Soul…………..

WOW, WOW, WOW, how blessed to be in this world of Art, question, sharing, and conversation………..

I guess the answer to my question above about the Blog approach has been answered for now;  "to write, to ponder, to ramble and let the spirit take me."

TaTa for now


I love the Met. Haven't been there for so long. Thanks for posting the beautiful gallery art!
Ron Corbett(non-registered)

The heart of an Artist is enthralled by the Beauty that his God has displayed at every turn. The secret Beauty that the Artist has humbly expressed in his effort to capture timeless Beauty in words, clay, stone, wood, paint, music, film, dance, or sport. Finally, the Beauty his fellow man captured, in their medium, as an enduring tribute to the Glory of God and as a glimpse of the divine in the effort of man to praise Him.

Anthony, we artists are transfixed by Beauty - that is your "What" you seek.
Yes, All of that is what blogging is about and you have written well; profound connection and communication. I especially like the two concluding paragraphs. Insightful.
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