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Beginning a Painting

November 19, 2014  •  6 Comments

Beginning a painting.  Think about that statement, just those three words. Actually two words, Beginning and Painting.  So many ways to continue that thought.  Let’s explore. And when we’re done exploring, we’ll explore further.  That’s what we do, isn’t it.  We ask questions to find answers, only to find more questions.  That is if we are lucky enough to be ok with more questions.

Last evening T’s hosted a Chamber of Commerce event in East Greenwich.  It was a night of sharing business , relationships, stories, and a bit of good cheer.  My conversations with peers reached to spiritual depths often attained when questions are asked.  Questions like, “Where do you find the time?”  “Where do you get your inspiration?”  “How did T’s begin?”  Often I ask “Are you Happy?” which leads to “What makes you happy?”…  And so the evening continued.

That’s how I begin a painting.  I let life and it’s happening flow, I observe, I engage, and then I try to share what I see and feel in the world around me and in me.  But someone asked, “How do you begin a painting?” at which point I had no concrete answer.  Yes I take photos, yes I analyze composition and content, yes I may sketch and even document my progress.  As I paint, my mind usually, if I am lucky, relinquishes the cognitive thought and I end up in a special place, “The Zone“ I call it.  Here is where I begin to paint.  Here is where the intuitive lives, here I walk with my maker and discover “whatever”.  At some point the “answer the question” part of my brain takes over, only to interrupt Bliss.  Back in this world, I stop, smile and yearn for my next journey to that special place, where angst, and bliss coincide to make art.

I don’t dwell on how I got there, and what it means, I just accept the mystery.  I don’t try to answer the unanswerable.  That would be impossible, you see, it’s unanswerable.  I accept that answers are usually blockades to oneness with God.  I accept this mystery. 

Oh…..beginning a painting…….we’ll talk about that another day.  For now, enjoy the mystery.

TaTa….for now………….


Christo Tsiaras(non-registered)
Perfect... LOL That is so on point.
Ron Corbett(non-registered)
Hi Everyone,

Our worthwhile creations (Art?) are the gifts me bring to the altar of praise for our Creator. They our humble expression of: "Here, Father, look what I made of the talent, lifetime, and treasures you gave me which I did not merit. My they always mirror your impeccable Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom."

I'm writing my own funeral Mass, which I am scheduling for my birthday weekend of 6/17/16. I will pick all 4 readings, at least 4 songs, write my own homily. Ron Corbett, the Waiter, died 9/25/14 when I moved out of my brand-new dream & forever home at 227 Killingly. Ronald Paul, the Writer, will direct the whole affair. Ron C. was a good man and deserves a proper sendoff.

I'm listening to "I Started a Joke" (Google it) by the Bee Gees as I write this. I want this to be my entrance song. We'll see what I can get away with.
Marguerite Ofria Pile(non-registered)
Part of life to me is living within the paradoxes. I have always found in life shades of grey (not black and white thinking). Now on my painting journey I am discovering the wonder of greys. Starting a new painting is always a leap into.....
Lori Delfosse(non-registered)
Loved chatting with you at the chamber event Anthony and love this discussion of the mystery; the place of 'The Zone'. Funny thing is, I live in the land of the mystery weaving in and out of the people, animals and the environment of our planet every day, quite often. I find my mind in a far off distant land, or up a tree, in the ocean, or chasing my dog feeling her joy and glee to run free, oh, that's me ACTUALLY DOING that with her, not just in my mind. Hehehehe.

I chuckle because having worked in the medical field as a nurse, my behaviors would formulate the diagnosis of "disassociation". Crazy, pathological and "something wrong with her" . . . it unnerves them. I can empathize with their desire to search what may seem to be crazy. I once denied the inner workings of my mind, soul, & spirit. It made me feel crazy. The experience was like falling into an abyss, spiraling into agonizing pain, everything becoming very dark, black, gray, blurry, muddy, bone-chilling cold with intense flashing light and loud screeching sounds and the air seemed to deplete to almost barely nothing.

To deny the mystery within me WAS a painful dance between the sane and the insane.

And then I say a movie. A Robin William's film, "Where Dreams May Come", depicting my experience quite vividly. Upon first seeing the movie, I felt as if the film writer reached into the recesses of my subconscious and pulled out that story; the exploding color, the turmoiled soul, the triumph of love. Truly we can create our existence. Be it happy or sad, angry or blissful, rich or poor. Whatever we choose. Many will dissect what I have just said; to dispel, contradict and ridicule it. Let them. It's my experience. The beauty is that each one of us can choose whatever it is we want or want to be and even what we choose to think. It's individual choice.

So today I start with my daily yogic practice, to "ground" me in this physical dimension. So I have a base; a structural foundation to work from. It is the place I return to when I need to be steadied from my expansive adventures.

I marvel at others who experience the realm of The Beyond. I feel at home with them. Thank you for your sharing and the door you open for me and others to experience the mystery and the joy of doing so. Blessings.
joanna Mazzotta(non-registered)
That mystery makes plenty of sense to me. Sometimes, when I'm not in the "zone". I look at one of my paintings and say, Wow! I did that? Where was I?
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