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You Never Know

December 04, 2014  •  8 Comments


I was encouraged to Blog by some very close family and friends.  I had been reluctant to say the least. What to write?  Do I share my art journey, my life journey, my spiritual walk………?  Then there is the pressure to “keep up with the posts.”  There is also the vulnerability that I would feel, exposing myself to you, the reader.  I was also aware of the fact that I did not want to get too preachy, too much I get it, and you don’t.  Know this, everyone, when I write, and when I speak, I speak into a mirror, I am writing to myself, reminding me each and every day, of what’s  important and maybe how to handle “Life’s  Uphill days”

So here I am writing after an unbelievable, matter of fact moment at Healtrax Gym this morning.  As many of you know, our journey consists of uphill and downhill moments.  The tide comes in only to retreat.  Our inner beings sway in the same manner.  We relish in life’s highs and live in doubt and insecurity when the life’s lows arrive.  I am in a bit of a low cycle.  Absolutely no reason to be!  None.  Natta., to be low, but I am.  And as I worked out this am I paid special attention to being prayful, to slow my mind.  I even went into the meditation room and did some Yoga/Tai Chi breathing and postures. 

To the steam room and a warm refreshing shower.  Still I was aware of my “low” this am.  Again not depressed, just wearing heavy shoes, and extra weight in my pockets.  As I was dressing, the chit chat conversations among the fellow gym members chirped away.  “How’s work.”  “How was your Holiday.” and so forth.  The conversation between two men standing next to me meandered to vacation, Florida and sailing.  They both sailed our fine waters and were matter-of-factly chatting about sailing in Florida this winter.

“I’ll be there in two weeks with the family”, Dave said.  “are you going down with your wife?”  Richard answered Oh no, my wife died.” This got my attention?  As if that wasn’t enough Richard then said yep, I took care of her for 26 years.”  I stopped, and looked at him as he was leaving, continuing his conversation with David, “I gave her a kidney and………at that point his voice faded.

I stood there stunned, in awe, and totally teary eyed.  It’s only ½ hr later, and his words still are bringing tears to my eyes, I made a few calls to share this story, but no one answered.  So, here I am sharing it with you.

May I have strength to honor others, life, and all that God has given me, as Richard has done.  Twenty Six years of taking care of his ill wife.  Think about that.  Twenty six years.

All of a sudden there is bounce in my step, the coffee tastes a bit richer, and my pockets less heavy with burden.

 My dad would always say to me ….”You never know”.  I guess Richards’s story is the epitome of that.

TaTa.........for now


Ron Corbett(non-registered)
Hello Everyone,

Former President Bill Clinton used televised press conferences to look of his electorate in the eye and face-to-face and say: "I feel your pain." in his best southern drawl. I remember, pointing directly at him and saying: "Lies! No one can feel your pain." and stop claiming you do.

Only someone who has experienced the exact same circumstances (Chemotherapy) can empathize with your pain. Perhaps someone will put up with your bitching & moaning long enough to have knowledge of your pain. Few friends
will "lay down their lives" to listen (charity) and, fewer still, will act to pick up the cross of someone who stumbled (by acting - taking them to lunch). There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend.
Paula Martinuzzi-DeSano(non-registered)
Powerful and rich with meaning. Thank you for sharing.
Joanne Stange(non-registered)
Thank you so much for that reflection. It's the kind of story that gives back. It reminds us of our blessings and also inspires us to be better people. Beautiful. Thank you, again.
Sarah Tallarico(non-registered)
To one who lives from the Heart--
Oh my friend- I understand all these feelings- the lows I have come to find are your body trying to speak to you- and or preparing you to experience life on a greater depth. You are one who lives from the heart and that is the most vulnerable place to live. Your heart- your soul and all that encompasses you swirls with passion - this is what makes you such great artist and teacher-
Your sadness enabled you to find true meaning in what those gentlemen were talking about-this is what we all search for- meaning and purpose for our lives. Thank you for being unguarded and sharing this beautiful story. Don't ever change- don't retreat when vulnerability comes- and don't let me do it either! It's a challenge- scary to be authentic- it sets us up for rejection or being misunderstood or even judged. But if you don't risk it then the alternative is to be guarded and safe-what impact does that make on the world? You seem to me a risk taker who at times does not have the stomach for it- which makes you somewhat perfect for the job- you don't want to fail and are realistic about the real dangers of the world- but somehow that does not stop you from going for it- I know this about myself so it's easy to see in you- Your main gift seems to me to absorb the world around you with great sensitivity and then to process it- all can be painful while you carry it around- then when you get it out by painting, whether literally or in words or stories, you open people's eyes to see the wonder all around us that you have discovered. Thank you. Thank you Anthony- this was a good choice for you to do this blog. May your joy overflow- we each have one life to live so we better get about doing it- and while the strength is there to do it, then work we must! It takes a community to make real change- we all have our part to play but "we" is the key- Thanks for letting all of "us" check in with you...
Shore walker(non-registered)
People cross our paths for many reasons and it looks like on this day Richard was meant to lift your chin a little toward a better "attitude of gratitude." Thank you for sharing and lifting mine. :-)
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