Anthony Tomaselli Fine Art Painting | Fresh Off The Easel
Created 15-Apr-17
18 photos

Villiage Awakining  30x40  oil on linenPease and Quiet  24x36  oil on linenSold Morning Warmth  11x14  oil on linenSold  Wellfleet Rest  12x16 oil on linenGreen Canopy Glare   9x12   oila Moontide   24x36  oil on linenSold P-Town Tilt  14x11  oil on linenSold Morning Patterns  8x10  oil on linenTilted Glare  30x24  oil on linenFleur de Lys  12x16   oil on linenSunlit Thomas St  16x12  oilo on linenSold  Manhatten Mist  16x12 oil on linenRainy 5th Ave  24x36  oil on linenAllens Ave Commute  16x12  oil on linenMoon Tide  8x10  oilP-Town Morning Bike Ride,  oil on linen   11x4PTown  Glow  oil on linen  11x14P-Town, Morning Run   oil on linen   11x14